Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

The Tree Stand - pre-drills each and every tree. This tapered bit drills a hole that matches the exact size of our Tree Teck Pin stands, and makes putting up your tree easier than ever. No fiddling with screws or trimming branches with scissors in the living room. Tree Teck Stands are available at our location while supplies last. If you decide to use a different type of stand, we recommend bringing it along with you, so we can trim the branches and trunk to size.  Otherwise, be sure to choose one that is sturdy and the appropriate size. Pay attention to the size of tree trunk that each stand will accommodate. The taller your tree, the bigger diameter of the trunk. If you have a tall, wide room, be sure to get a large stand for the large tree you'll select. If you'll put your tree on a table, a smaller stand will work fine. Look for tree stand models that hold lot of water. You'll spend less time refilling the water pan throughout the season.


Decide Where to Place the Tree - Avoid placing your tree near a heat source (sunny windows, radiators, heating vents, and fireplaces). Try to keep the tree out of high traffic areas where it might be bumped or overturned, or where someone might trip on light cords. Avoid any spot that might be dangerous, such as next to a fire in the fireplace or up on a wobbly table.


Space Between Branches - Keep in mind that a tree looks better when the ornaments hang straight. Many trees today are groomed to be lush and full, so aware that ornaments may hang at an angle on these sheered trees. For ornaments to hang straight you'll want a tree with some space between the branches. To test a tree, take an unbreakable ornament with you and hang it on several branches to see if there is room for it to hang straight.


Choosing a Tree - Trees with shorter needles (such as the Fraser Fir) are often easier to decorate than others, as they offer some space between branches for decorations as well as some stronger stems to hold heavier ornaments. Learn more about the many types of Christmas trees and find out the characteristics and uses of each type by clicking here.

Select a Fresh Tree - How can you tell if a tree is fresh? The needles should look shiny, green, and fresh -- not dry or brown. Our trees are all cut and delivered to our location fresh. Before you take your tree home, we'll take a bit off the bottom so that it will continue to drink water in your home. Just be sure to keep your stand filled up!

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